It’s a lot to ask to trust a stranger with your invested home and hard-earned money. Because of that, a lot of people are having issues in terms of employing a deck contractor. If you are searching for reputable Dallas deck builders, then this checklist may help to hire the right decking company a lot easier.  


Know what you want  

If you are planning to install a deck, you should determine how big you would like it to be, what deck features do you want to add, and what materials are you planning to use. Composite and vinyl decking are popular options, together with aluminum railings. Think about the features such as built-in seating, awnings, and lighting to make your outdoor area a dream deck.  

Look for top-notch deck builders 

It can be very difficult to find a good deck contractor. But to make it easier to find them, you can start by searching for the top-reviewed companies online. Look for listings found on popular contractor review websites like TrustedPros, Homestars, and listings on RenovationFind.  

Search for companies that provide a lot of reviews from their previous clients, and some of those average ones combined in to know if they are legitimate or not. Try to see how deck building contractors respond to both negative and positive feedback and do they look and feel like someone that you would be willing to work with in the future. 

Get quotes 

According to your conversations and research, select your top 3 firms and ask for a quote from them. The best decking firms are expected to be busy during summer and spring. So, you need to schedule an in-person quote for up to a week. Make sure to aim for a time where you’re at home so that you can get the chance to meet the estimator and get an idea of how they perform their business.   

Once they get out for the quote, accompany them out of your house to your future or current deck spot. Provide every quoting company as much information as you can so that they can give you the most precise pricing as much as possible. Once they ask for good and reasonable questions, then that’s an indicator that they care about giving the best services that you need and want.  

Opt for a deck contractor 

After you obtain quotes from your leading prospect contractors, there may be a winning contractor, or you could be on the fence between two companies. Before jumping into an agreement and signing a contract with them, think about the following questions: 

How does the pricing compare? 

How was the estimator collaborate with? 

How do written quotes differ from each other? 

Ultimately, inspect the references of your top companies.  

Sign a contract 

Now that you know which deck builder you want to work with, it’s vital to come up with a written contract that includes the important details about your project. Then, make sure that both you and the contractor will sign in, and then you’re good. After doing all the tips above, you can ensure that you’ve picked the right decking service provider for your deck project.