How to Determine Trees That are Prone to Storm Damage?

One way to help reduce property damage during the hurricane season is to check your trees for any indicators that they could be prone to storm damage. Below are some of the indicators you need to pay attention to in your trees:

When the tree ha trunk cracks or structural problems

All trees that were not maintained properly throughout their lifetime might develop cracks in their trunk or have structural problems. Such kinds of trees will also get problems enduring against strong rain and winds. If you think you have trees like this, we highly recommend you to have your trees checked by the certified tree surgeons for them to determine whether they should be removed or they just require further maintenance. If you neglect this problem, it can possibly pose a direct risk to your employees that may be your business in times of a hurricane, your loved ones, or even yourself.

Tree branches are growing too near to your property’s structures

Once a tree begins to develop too close to buildings or homes, it will immediately be considered a hazard. However, during a hurricane, it can even get worse. A hurricane in category 3 can simply knock over a tree. If this happens, there’s a possibility that it can fall into a property or building, which can possibly cause severe damage to your roof and walls or injure those who are inside the building. So, contact an arborist right away once you have a tree that’s close to your property and use tree removal Waukegan IL for it right away.

Removing such trees will help prevent such safety problems during a storm. When a tree endures damage during a thunderstorm or even a previous hurricane, the more your reasons to have it eliminated since it can be a property liability. There’s a possibility that it’ll be weakened over time and can simply be blown over even during any tropical storm situation. Our tree care experts can help safely eliminate the tree while making sure that it won’t result in damage to your business or home.

Weakened trees because of insect or disease infestation

If the tree insects and diseases attack their anticipated targets, they can only weaken the overall structure of the tree together with small limbs and large branches. A hurricane-force wind can simply blow the branches and limbs off or even knock these trees over, turning them into flying particles. When you think that your property’s tree has had any tree issues or diseases with an infestation of insects, then you have to contact a tree expert to come and inspect your trees and its weaknesses.

If you are decided to have your tree removed, make sure that you only leave it in the hands of the experts. Refrain from doing it yourself since it will just cause more harm than good. So, if you’re looking for the best tree company near you, contact us today.